Exodermic® Bridge Deck Fabrication

Fabrication of an Exodermic® bridge deck involves several processing steps. First, triangular holes are punched in the webs of the inverted structural T's (main bearing bars). These "fabrication holes" allow the insertion of the distribution bars. At the same time that the fabrication holes are punched, 3/4" holes on 2" centers are punched near the top of the web of the T's. These "shear holes" provide the shear connection between the grid and the reinforced concrete component of the Exodermic® bridge deck.

Distribution bars are punched to form approximately half depth slots from the tops of the bars. The spacing of these slots determines the spacing of the main bearing bars of the completed Exodermic® bridge deck panel.

After punching operations are complete, the distribution bars are inserted (either horizontally or at an angle, depending on manufacturer) through the fabrication holes in the main bearing bars of the grid, which are held in a jig at the proper spacing. The distribution bars are then rotated up to the vertical, and each intersection of main bearing bar and distribution bar is welded in one quadrant, typically with GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding).

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