Exodermic® Bridge Deck Cost

If your project requires fast construction because of high traffic volumes and unacceptable detours during construction and/or if a lighter weight deck can offer a significant structural advantage, then the use of Exodermic® bridge decking will very likely offer both significant cost and time savings.

Please contact The D.S. Brown Company for completed project cost history and specific guidance for your project.

We would be happy to work closely with you to help determine the specific cost advantages of the Exodermic® design for your project.

One should keep in mind that deck life can be extended and life cycle cost further reduced by the use of conservative design, epoxy coated or galvanized reinforcing steel, high performance concrete (incorporating silica fume, fly ash, and or ground granulated blast furnace slag), proper entrainment of air, good construction practices, extended wet cures, and proper maintenance.

In an era of low interest rates, total life cycle cost considerations are more important than ever.