Exodermic® Bridge Deck System

An Exodermic® (or "composite, unfilled steel grid") bridge deck is comprised of a reinforced concrete slab on top of, and composite with, an unfilled steel grid. This efficient system maximizes the use of the compressive strength of concrete and the tensile strength of steel to provide a lightweight, strong and durable bridge deck.

Why Use an Exodermic® Bridge Deck System?


Robert C. Beach Memorial Bridge with Exodermic<sup>®</sup> bridge deck system

Exodermic® deck panels placed on the Robert C. Beach Memorial Bridge near Morgantown, WV.

Exodermic® Bridge Deck System Reduces Dead Load

By reducing dead load, an Exodermic® Bridge deck permits a bridge to achieve a higher live load rating. An Exodermic® bridge deck typically weighs 35% to 50% less than the equivalent rebar reinforced concrete slab specified for the same span.

Exodermic® Bridge Deck Systems Facilitate Rapid Installation

An Exodermic® Bridge decks can often be erected during a short, overnight or weekend work window using precast panels. Cast-in-place panels also offer increased installation rates with nearly all the formwork already in place.


Exodermic<sup>®</sup> bridge deck system

Contact the DS Brown Company at 419-257-3561 about the Exodermic® bridge deck System

The D.S. Brown Company is an informational source for Exodermic® bridge deck technology, providing printed and computer-based design aids, suggested specifications, informational materials, and technical assistance to bridge engineers, owners, and contractors. The grid portion of an Exodermic® bridge deck is available from multiple qualified suppliers.